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Simply Amazing! Honey badgers do appear to have some immunity to snake venoms. A honey badger bitten on the face by the highly cytotoxic puff adder showed signs of

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Brockham Badgers fc and Brockham fc One community football club providing youth and adult football for all.

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It’s a badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom. Badgers dance up and down out in a field.

Badger and Beekeeper. A s suggested by both their common and scientific names (Mellivora capensis means “honey eater of the Cape”), honey badgers have always been

Legal Status . In some states, badgers are classified as furbearers and protected by regulated trapping seasons, while in other states they receive no legal protection.

Official site of the Badgers with news, camp information, media guide, stadium web cam, roster, schedule and statistics.

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Hunting badgers for sport has been common in many countries. The Dachshund (German for “badger hound”) breed was bred for the purpose. Badger-baiting was formerly

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