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Of course, the new Gauntlet features Hammer’s patent pending carbon fiber infusion in both the outer core and the coverstock, making the Gauntlet one of the toughest

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Hammer Black Widow Legend. Hammer is calling it what it is a legend. The Black Widow Legend takes the proven history of the Black Widow line and turns it up a notch.

Hammer Gauntlet. The Hammer Gauntlet bowling ball takes the hybrid version of the proven Semtex CFI coverstock and pairs it with the all new Gauntlet asymmetric core.

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Get the latest bowling ball bags released by Hammer. Hammer produces 4 Ball Roller Bags, 3 Ball Roller Bags, 3 Ball Tote Roller Bags, 2 Ball Roller Bags, 2 Ball Totes

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Hammer Black Widow Red Legend Bowling Ball Features: The Red Legend is a pearl version of the original Legend which was a hybrid. The Red Legend is a one color pearl

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