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During the 1960s Pier Paolo Pasolini made two films based on ancient Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex and Medea. In the latter, Maria Callas played the heroine with

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Sex in Ancient Greece. The sexual habits of the ancient Greeks have been greatly misunderstood. This happens because of the misinterpretation of the sources, or the

Greek pottery was invariably made on the potter’s wheel and usually made in separate horizontal sections: the foot, the lower and upper body, the neck, and finally

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Lesbian Poetry. Historical Poetry. Contemporary Poetry. Resources for Poets and Readers. Lesbian Poetry FAQ : Isle of Lesbos: Poetry: Historical: Sappho

Jun 14, 2013 · This scene from a Greek vase depicts a woman tending her phallus patch. Her strange crop is not the only humorous aspect of the image; the woman is dressed

Nudity in Ancient to Modern Cultures. Aileen Goodson (This chapter excerpt is from Aileen Goodson’s Therapy, Nudity & Joy) “If anything is sacred, the human

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4,000-year-old erotica depicts a strikingly racy ancient sexuality Clay plaques at The Israel Museum, made 1,500 years before the Kama Sutra, display graphically that

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Alabastron (pl. alabastra) – a small jar for storing perfumes, named after the material (alabaster) the first examples were made from. They were often carried by a

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Free (intelligent / provocative) Lesbian Erotic Sex Stories and Erotic Art, Literature, Picture gallery, Vintage Lesbian Erotica, Fetish, Bondage

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